YXE Youth Climate Committee

We, the youth climate committee, provide a platform for Saskatoon’s youth to have their voices heard and provide a place for young climate activists to collaborate. We work towards a safe, healthy future where we can all thrive. Through educational presentations, peaceful protests, and regenerative initiatives, we advocate for climate justice at a local level.

Community Partners: Brainsport

We are the voice of the planet. Climate mitigation efforts rely on resilient and compassionate people dedicated to improving climate-consciousness within the wider community.

Youth Climate Committee

Who are we and why do we advocate for the climate?


Our mission is to ensure a healthy, liveable future for all inhabitants of our planet. We envision a future where climate justice is not only achieved but implemented. We look to organize and empower Saskatoon’s youth by educating, building a community, and making meaningful changes in our community.

Direct Action

We promote and participate in direct action, primarily strikes and protests, to demand government action and climate justice.

Climate Education

We educate ourselves, our peers, and the general public about climate issues in our community and how they can address them.


We advocate for climate justice at all levels, starting with environmental issues in our city and province. We educate to empower.

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